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Do you want to write a book but have had difficulties getting started or finishing your book? Maybe you have had trouble publishing your book? Then worry no more because you are in the right place. The Next Level Writing Academy is the best place to learn those things and so much more using our three main courses. 


Having trouble building your story? The pre-writing course covers how to create your characters, settings, plots, conflicts and so much more.


Not sure how to write your story? The mid-writing course will give your helpful tips and guide you on how you should write your book chapters.


Struggling with publishing? The post-writing course shows you everything you need to have before you publish your book and how to self-publish your book.

But wait, there will be more!

The Next Level Writing Academy will be expanding to include more courses such as marketing, how to use social media to your advantage, and how to edit your own book.

Additional Perks for Joining The Academy!


Want to make money for what you write? You can enter a writing contest and earn money if you win.

Writing Promotions

You can get the word out on your writings or book by submitting your work to our writing promotion area.

NLWA Podcast

In the future, there will be a podcast where you can be on the show or hear about other authors and their new books.

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You take the first step towards making your best book.

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