Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

How to Avoid Distractions When It Comes To Writing Your Book

I remember, when I was 12 years old, there was a show on Comedy Central called Distraction. It was a show when contestants had to focus on tasks that they needed to do in order to win a cash prize at the end. The tasks were very simple and ordinary. The catch is that the distractions were anything but ordinary. From getting pies in the face to getting kicked in the chest by a pro-wrestler, the contestants endured hell in order to focus.

From time to time, this is how it feels when you are writing and suddenly, DISTRACTION! Something pulls you away from your work like a phone call from a friend, your computer suddenly wanting to perform an update or crashing or kids banging on the door to ask a mundane question. Even the most innocent of things can feel like a kick to the chest from one of the wrestlers on the show.

This was one of the other answers I dealt with when I asked “What are the biggest problems that you have with writing?” It annoyed one of the people so much to the point where he revealed to me that he would flip out and throw things around the house. So to avoid incidents that those, here are some things that you can do to avoid your distractions.

1. Find Your Happy Place

Usually, the term “Find Your Happy Place” is used when you’re dealing with a chaotic situation. When there are people screaming and yelling and something serious going on, you close your eyes and try to “find your happy place” in your mind.

For this article and for your writing, what I mean by “Find Your Happy Place” is to find the area where you can quietly get to work. It could be a place in your own home but if you have too many distractions at home, it could be a place outside of your home. Maybe you can take your computer or phone or a notepad and some pens and go to the park or a quiet bench or a lake or stream and find a happy place to get some writing done.

For some, people can get writing done in louder places like an airport or restaurant or maybe they use headphones and listen to music to get them in the right frame of mind for writing. Everyone is different in how they go about their writing but as long you are able to do what you need to do to find and get into your happy place, you are on the right track to being away from your distractions.

2. Disconnect

When writers are able to go into their happy place, sometimes being there isn’t enough to get away from your distractions.

Most writers, myself included, use a computer or a phone to write our books. However, there is so much stuff on our devices that can distract us. Various apps or games that are more interesting than what we are writing, new YouTube videos that we want to see, new and interesting posts, and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to see. There is so much that we can do that will distract us and instead of working for an hour on our books, we spend 8 hours watching videos and playing games.

For this, the simple solution is to turn off the internet and disconnect the Wi-Fi on the computer or your phone. Next, set a timer for the time that you allocate for yourself to write and focus only on your writing for the time period. Once it is done, you can turn the Wi-Fi back on and continue with the games and videos you want to play or watch.

You’d be surprised at how much you can get done just by disconnecting yourself from the internet for even a short period of time.

3. Get Away From People for the Time You Need To Write

Now, most of the time, getting into our happy place and disconnecting from the internet is all you need to do in order to be away from your distractions and begin writing. However, sometimes, not even that is enough.

People can noisy and for people like me, it doesn’t help me when I write. Even if I were to have noise-canceling earbuds in my ears, someone could bump into me or spill their drink on my computer. Someone’s kid could be crying because their parents didn’t get them what they wanted. Someone could be nosy and look over my shoulder at what I am writing (My Ultimate Pet Peeve, more than people misspelling my name)

Other times, as I mentioned in my article, sometimes, you have to stay at home because of your family and you can’t avoid distractions. The simple solution from that article, tell them you are writing and they need to let you write along with silencing your phone, applies here. But other times, sometimes, you need to escape from people.

To do this, find a place that people rarely go to and make it your place. I’m not talking about a dark warehouse or someplace unsafe but to find someplace like a library or office space where you can have your own area and be away from people.

That is it for this article. Are there other things that you know or can do that will keep you away from your distractions? Let the people know in the comments or you can create and submit your own article on this topic for cash.

This has been Nicolas Smith. Stay Tuned for the next article.