Academy Bonuses

Lorem Welcome to the Academy Bonuses page. This is where the subscribers of the Next Level Newsletter can find their bonuses and also where people who haven’t subscribers can find out about the bonuses and also enter the contests and competitions that we have available.

Below are the bonuses and contests available. Click them to go to their pages.

Standard Writing Contest

Enter a standard writing contest to win money. All Subscribers receive free entry into Writing Contests.

Chapter Writing Contest

Write a Chapter in a Book we will be creating to win money. This is for Newsletter Subscribers only.

Poetry Contest

Submit a Poem in a Poetry Competition to win money. All Subscribers get to enter these contests for free.

Book Promotion

Submit your book or story to the Book Promotion page. Book Promotions are on Fridays.

Article Submission

Write and submit an article to the newsletter for money. This is for Newsletter subscribers only.

Article Archive

Read all of the past articles from the Next Level Newsletter here in the Article Archive.

1-On-1 Writing Help

Schedule a 1-on-1 Writing Help Appointment with the Founder of the Next Level Newsletter, Nicolas Smith

Writing Prompt Contest

Enter a writing prompt contest to win money. Contests will be about a singular subject and best writing wins.

Academy News

Get the latest news on the Next Level Writing Academy and contribute ideas to the creation of the Future Academy for all Writers

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