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How The Next Level Writing Academy Can Help You

Using the NLWA Online Courses, you can learn how to write and make your books better by learning topics like everything of the things you need before you write your book and how to make a great story.

Writing Contests

Are you interested in winning money for what you write? You can enter the NLWA writing contests and, if you win, win cash prizes and show your writing to other subscribers.

Having trouble with your books? The Problem Solver is a newsletter that will help writers and authors with anything writing problem that they have.

Amazing things To Come In The Future

As the academy grows, there will be more things that will be happening such as:

  1. Weekly writing contests and book promotions
  2. A writing podcast where authors will discuss their new and upcoming books to the NLWA Audience.
  3. Private social media communities where authors, readers, and writers can help each other.
  4. A YouTube channel dedicated to helping authors and writers among other interesting topics.
  5. The Next Level Newsletter, which will be an email newsletter for news, promotions, and anything upcoming with the NLWA.
  6. A page where members of the NLWA can write articles for money that will be in the Next Level Newsletter.

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Here is what people are saying about the NLWA and academy founder, Nicolas Smith

"Very professional and intelligent writer with plenty of patience for educating others.."​
Diego Hernandez
"I read the article "how to find the time to write" and it has given me insight I never considered before.."​
Alexis Velazco
A very honest, dependable, intelligent writer and author, whose main agenda is to help people such as myself and others create great content ourselves.
Marcelo David Peña

Don't Let Your Dream Stay A Dream

So many people want to write a book but few people do it and one of the reasons why is because they don’t know how to make it happen. Don’t let your dream of writing a book stay a dream. Make it a reality by joining the Next Level Writing Academy!